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The Fullerton Education Foundation mission is to enrich the educational experience of each child in every classroom. Through the generosity of community support, the foundation provides resources, technology, and grants to inspire learning, enhance teaching and create innovative opportunities for students to excel in the 21st century and receives ongoing support from Fullerton Cares Autism Foundation to support our special education classrooms.

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  • Chris October 8, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    I think it’s AMAZING what you have done for the children of Fullerton. I have lived in LH for almost 30yrs and was devistated when we moved across Imperial Hwy and it turned out to be in the Fullerton district. With a child on an IEP you must have them schooled in their home district. With child care and all my resources being in LH I was a bit ovewhelmed but kept telling myself….EVERY THING happens for a “reason.” The reason to me is VERY CLEAR now and we have been truly blessed with all that you do for the kids at Commonwealt! Now I am doing what ever it takes to stay there!!!! I REALLY want to get involved, I had signed up to be on a volunteer list for events and such but have never been contacted!?? I really want to meet you in person some day & thank you personally for all that you are doing & making a difference for OUR children!!!!!!!

  • Christine Laulhere January 30, 2014 at 3:46 am

    My grandson is autistic and lives in Tustin. I read that your organization is focused only with children in the Fullerton area and schools. We are interested In becoming more involved in an organization for autism. do you work with children out of the fullerton area?

  • Dana Waite July 20, 2014 at 5:41 am

    Brian: We met tonight at the Midsummer In The Garden. You asked me to contact you in regards to having some of the children tour Heritage House. I talked to another docent who was at the event and she has had autistic children in her college classes and is very aware of the issue. An early Fall tour time would find more open scheduling or in late April after Green Scene. We are closed in August and January, then February, March and part of April are filled with all the third graders in Fullerton. But contact us and we will do our very best to take the children through the Heritage House. It was a pleasure to meet you tonight and thank you for your support of the Arboretum. Dana Waite

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