Today at the comedy show there was a comic who used a slur used against people with developmental disabilities. We at Fullerton Cares distance ourselves from his statement onstage and emphasize that we do not condone or endorse this type of language. When Fullerton Cares was founded years ago it was created on the pillars of awareness, acceptance and action. We continue to march forward towards these goals and we are thankful to all people who supported our efforts tonight and throughout the years. This word is not something we use, nor did we review any comics’ material prior to them going onstage. We trusted each individual to exercise their best judgment in making jokes. We apologize deeply to anyone who was affected by this language. We also hope that in light of our work in the community and in light of the comic’s own diagnosis of autism and his immediate apology statement, that we can accept him at his word that it was a mistake that he regrets.

Statement from Andy Dick:

“It is a word I shouldn’t use. I shouldn’t use that word. There are a lot of taboo words out there. I was just joking. Kevin [Andy Dick’s friend attending his recorded statement] is not mentally handicapped…he’s not. He has autism. I have slight autism. So, I apologize if I offended anyone out there. Autism in my eyes touches everybody. I think we all know somebody or we are ourselves in some ways autistic …and that’s it. I didn’t mean to offend anybody.”

Statement from Keith Reza, comedian with autism also performing at the comedy show:

“I know Andy and I’ve seen him do comedy for a long time and he is a sweet and good person and I don’t think he meant it in any insult fashion…that’s how his show is…coming from an autistic comedian……I don’t feel he meant it in a negative way like that he was just trying to be funny and obviously it didn’t work.”